Awesome features make learning
and teaching coding easy & fun

Thimble is a full-featured code editor that runs right in the browser. It's designed to help new coders create their own sites and web-based projects using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Everything you need is at your fingertips, allowing you (or your classroom) to get up and running as quickly as possible.

It's a code editor, web server, web browser & developer tools all in one—and it's free!

Δείτε άμεσα τις αλλαγές σας

Create and experiment and faster with the Live Preview. It shows the changes to your code instantly.

Αναμίξτε οποιοδήποτε έργο του Thimble

Like a Thimble project that you see? Remix it to create your very own version. You can also send your project to friends or students—what they can come up with?

Βολικά αποσπάσματα κώδικα

Work faster by making use a handy list of HTML, CSS & JavaScript code snippets that you can include in your code.

Ενσωματωμένη κονσόλα JavaScript

Working on some JavaScript? Thimble's built-in console makes it easier than ever to test and debug your code.

Προσθέστε και διαχειριστείτε αρχεία

Thimble works like a real web project, you can create, rename, delete and even upload your own files.

  • Κάντε λήψη του έργου σας σε μορφή .zip και δείτε το από το σκληρό σας δίσκο
  • Σύρετε & εναποθέστε αρχεία από τον υπολογιστή σας στο Thimble

Ενεργοποίηση και απενεργοποίηση των φώτων

Thimble comes with a dark and light theme, so pick what's best for you. You can also change other options like the size of the text.

Ακολουθήστε & δημιουργήστε ενσωματωμένους οδηγούς εκμάθησης

Projects can have tutorials that help you (or your students) learn as they make changes to the projects.

Λάβετε υποδείξεις κώδικα ενώ πληκτρολογείτε

Don't get stuck trying to remember a lot of rules and syntax. Thimble will give you hints in HTML, CSS and even JavaScript files.

Επεξεργασία CSS απευθείας στις σελίδες HTML σας

Write CSS styles for your elements without switching away from the HTML page that you are editing. Put the text cursor on any element tag and hit Cmd/Ctrl + E to start writing CSS styles.

Ταχεία δημοσίευση έργων στο διαδίκτυο

You can publish your projects to the web with only a single click. Later on, when you make changes, you can easily update your project.

Επιλογή χρωμάτων απευθείας στον επεξεργαστή

Τοποθετήστε τον κέρσορα κειμένου σε οποιαδήποτε τιμή χρώματος σε ένα αρχείο CSS και πατήστε Cmd/Ctrl + E για άνοιγμα της επιλογής χρωμάτων.

Δοκιμάστε το έργο σας σε μια κινητή συσκευή

Switching to the mobile preview mode lets you see your work on a narrow device. Then, turn on the full-screen preview to get the big picture.

Ταχεία εύρεση στοιχείων HTML

Turn on the DOM Inspector and hover over different elements in the preview. Thimble will highlight the related code in the HTML editor.

Φίλτρα εικόνας

Add some fun to your project by adding filters to your images. Cats never looked so good before!

Λήψη selfie

Add your mugshot to any page your're working on using Thimble's selfie tool—it uses your computer's webcam. Just start typing <img src= tag to your HTML page and you'll see a prompt.